dreams can come true

Ever since I first laid eyes on the Food & Drink magazine, I have yearned to be in it. To be honest, it's almost surreal, to see my wreath here! I launched Floral Fetish Design in 2003, and have been dreaming, big & wide, ever since. We're supposed to dream! I have found, that sometimes it takes those crazy big notions - no matter how far away they seem from reality- to keep going, as an entrepreneurial artist. 

For me, personally, there is enough honest and hard reality facing me everyday, that lofty and flighty notions, are sometimes the fuel for my soul to keep going. 

Pardon my honesty honest: being a creative, running a boutique business and just plainly putting one foot in front of the other, can be rewarding and stressful as fuck, all at the same time. And it’s those honest wide eyed moments where inspirations beam in, when I get excited and hopeful, that i get recharged and challenged to create something new. If you know me, it’s probably those times when I seem flighty and look like I might float away at any moment. Have you ever seen me do this? think of a balloon about to drift off into the sky ;)…. It’s these creative, dreamy moments, when juices swirl, and insights seep into my head, and blueprints of visions and dreams are inspired.

As an entrepreneur, I cannot say what this will do for my business. Can you hear my accountant speaking, too? I don’t know, can’t know, and won’t know for a while yet if this will have any affect on my operation. And to be truthfully honest, this dream was never about a financial gain - it was really to satisfy the cravings of my creative side.

As an artist, you have a need to art. We are wired to create- it something we can’t really help. And as an artist, no matter how secure you are in your work- there is always that insecure child sitting in your head asking ‘do they get it?’…because, well, if the masses ‘don’t get it’ our artings don’t really matter then, do they? We all want to be appreciated, approved, noticed, and all other versions of these types of sentiments.. it’s a pure and raw need, that I think we all need- and I think it is necessary to be fed in this way too. 


To see my work be in specifically this magazine, means a lot to me. When a client wrote on my instagram timeline to congratulate me, was when l learned this was REALLY happening. And to be honest, I was almost scared to see! I was anxious & excited. I don’t know if this makes sense to you, but I realized I was guarding myself- I had a fear linger into my head of ‘Really? me? c’mon- did they REALLY chose my work?’…I waited to go the LCBO until the end of day to get the magazine. As it turns out - and makes total sense- they must drop the Food & Drink at different times, in different stores. It took me 2 stores to find the autumn edition on the rack..nothing like suspense to add to my already buzzing head, right?

floral fetish wreath mise en place

I had to wait until I got back to hq, with the magazine to tear into it- and yes, some self coaching was involved. I am such a dweeb!  Well, once I found it. I was pleasantly surprised, and quite proud of myself. And still am. I am so happy to see my wreath in print! A dream of mine has come true!

The funny thing with dreams- is that even though they are exciting and lofty, they can be scary too. And you never know which dreams are too fruity to come into fruition- and which are attainable. Which, i suppose is the point of dreams, right? Well, I am pinching myself right now. To have my work chosen to be in print ( IN PRINT) means a lot. . Here is my dream, in print! ..hmmm I wonder if either Oprah, Martha or Gwyneth read Food & Drink when in Ontario?… Xb