Jam Factory T.O. Open House 2018

On sunny Sunday, Feb 25th, I took part in an Open House at the Jam Factory T.O.

Have you heard of it? A newer event space in Toronto. Think exposed brick, heigh ceilings, beams, big factory windows. An open and fairly raw room that measures 3000 square feet ( venue specs)  …my first event there was the sexy Fancy Brunch that ProvisionsTO  organized in April 2017, and we hung dreamy & wispy hoops of foliage from the ceiling.  


This Open House, however, was more focused on weddings- with some planners and industry related folks coming to meet fellow vendors…so I designed 3 chalice style arrangements using colours that I am currently obsessing over. Garden roses, local ranunculus, lisianthus, dianthus, thlaspi and assorted foliage… here are photos of my work at the studio, and in situ at the Jam Factory. 

I am so drawn to these buttery, citrusy and bruisey hues. I have been for a few years now. Romantic yet lively. I adore how this palette works together, and it would show beautifully on any linens (versions of dove are my fave go-to). Insert more of the moody lavenders and it’s perfect on a lighter tablecloth.. it’s a story  of a timeless romance; snappy energy; it’s both dreamy and exuberant. It emanates in the sunlight, and still pops in the shadows. Quite idyllic.

I am especially fond of the brilliantly and aptly named Golden Mustard roses in these arrangements. Theoretically, it could have been assumed that she would be be the most unusual cast member in this visual narrative. Right? Peachy, blush tones with a bruisey mustard!? Wha? Doesn’t sound appealing, righty?… Yet she bridges all the other colours and makes for a gorgeous bond from one bloom to the next. Ok, I’m more than fond of her, possibly a bit addicted. Every time I see this rose, I get a bit excited. She’s unusual, and works, perfectly in her own way, with just about every colour imaginable. 


At the Open House, a couple who are planning a modern take on Pride & Prejudice themed wedding, gushed over this palette. I think this would be lovely in an Austen inspired wedding. Or any old world charm inspired love story. There is am elegant happiness to this blend. Even with the softer tones and brighter peachy flowers- this avoids reading of naiveté. It’s hopeful and buzzy, yet has an old school maturity. And I bet it will still look current in your wedding photos, 20 years from now. Which, to me, is so very important. You want timeless and unfading, over a fleeting fad.

Do you have any favourite colour palettes? Please do comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

Click here to link to a quick editorial, of the Open House with links and info to the other Vendors who also showcased. 

photo below, with thanks to https://www.diegomouraphotography.com/